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I am back with my series "Building a website, free and paid (PART -2)".
Today, am going to explain you about "Building Website", which will include:
  • Knowledge about Free website developement and links to their service provider,
  • cPanel and Plesk UI information,
  • Some knowledge about Making website using cPanel,
  • Placing files properly in cPanel    and

Hello Guys, today we are going to discuss free website developement.
In this post, I strictly give true information as some people give fake information and waste their time as well as others'.

So, let's get started:

First of all, I would like to give information about FreeNom.
It is a company which gives free domains (but with some extensions like .tk .ml .ga .cf .gq)
You can get them for free. Just select it and checkout for $0.0!!! But you will have to make an account there as usual every domain provider asks for.
The next thing is to enable GoSite. It is their official website builder which builds a website for free. It is a drag and drop website builder. You can publish your website in just a single minute. That's not the big deal.
But the big deal is that It allows us to upload only one page but it can have as much as information we want.

Looking happy? I have much more to tell you!!! It's just the trailer!
The next free website cum blog builder is a facility provided by GOOGLE!!
Yes! Google had bought BLOGGER in 2003 which is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries.
You can make as many blogs you want with you own website name but as many free website developing companies do, it also adds at the end of the domain name.
Currently, I am also using the service of Blogger.

Now, if we are discussing website developement then how can I forget GoDaddy in my list.
Yes, GoDaddy also provides facility to have a 1 month free trial of their Website Builder but only for 1 month.
And as usual, they will also add Bored of this subdomain??
I recommend you to use FreeNom to make a free website. It is free, easy to use and flexible.

cPanel Interface

Now, I will show you the interface of cPanel. A basic cPanel looks like this:

Basic cPanel Interface

Your cPanel may slighltly differ from the above image. Don't worry it depends upon the web hosting provider. They can change the look of the cpanel. This is my cPanel of my website, i.e.,'s not mine now!). Here, we can perform all the function which we use to edit our website and to make it look beautiful.
To edit the content of the website, click the "File Manager" link as shown below:

cPanel file Manager Link Image

The look of the Page that opens on clicking File Manager is as follows:

All the files that make up a web page are located in the public_html folder. Double click on it. All the files that you will create here will be shown on the domain. Now let us understand about how to structure the webpage, it's a bit confusing- so take a cup of coffee in your hand before reading the below content :-)

Note: The below information assumes that you have a domain(here and a cPanel web hosting(to get more information about hosting and domain, check out this post.)

The main page that is shown at the main domain of the site, for example, at, is named index.htm or default.htm(if you use html, it can be .php or anything that is used to make webpages) and is stored within the public_html folder. The index file serves as the home page of the website.

Now, suppose, a file in the public_html folder has a path- /public_html/test.htm will show in domain as follows:

Similarly, a file with path /folder/file.php will show up as:

Now, with this information, you may be able to make a full fledged functional website on your own.
This post has been made with great effort, if you like it, please don't forget to leave a comment below to let me know how I did!

The next post (Applying for Google AdSense) has arrived! Check it out.

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Gourav Khunger
Website: ZoneOfCode


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    1. First of all thanks for taking time in writing a reply.
      I am going to complete this post by the way. But don't forget to check out my other posts! Also if you want me to make a custom post for you or about what you don't know, let me know by reply to this comment.

      New posts are awaiting for you!


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