Check if virtualization is enabled in your PC

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Today, we are going to discuss one of the most important aspect of Android Programming when you wish to run and test your app on a virtual device, running on your computer, often referred to as an 'emulator'.

Now, if you wish to run an emulator, first check that if your PC has at least 2GB Graphics Card. To know it, read my previous post: 'Check if Graphic Card is installed on your PC'.
Check if virtualization is enabled(more on this shortly). Install Intel HAXM 7.3.0(recommended) driver for the emulator(for running them). Create your virtual devices and hurray! Now you can run and test your apps on virtual android devices!

So, let's first know what is virtualization.
Virtualization is the process of defining data and functions to an object in a simulated way, i.e., the object will perform what we want it to do at almost same speed and consistency as the real object of the same hardware specs will do.
Note: Please notice that I used the word 'almost'. The simulated device will perform the task but its performance will not be as good as a real device!

Virtualization is very important for Android Programmers, as real android devices are not accessible at all the times, like I used to program Android apps and when I need to test them, I always used my mother's smartphone as I had an error in installing Intel HAXM installer for my emulators although the emulator skins were installed. I was able to fix this error after about 6 months of hard work!! (If you are also having the same problem, I will post a new post about fixing it).

Now, let's come back to the topic!
We are going to check if the virtualization is enabled in our PC without installing any third party software! Yes our read it right, without any software

To check if virtualization is enabled:

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete key combination on your keyboard:

2. From the displayed screen, choose Task Manager:

3. Now open the Performance Tab:

3. From the side bar, open the CPU section:

4. You can check if virtualization is enabled by seeing from the information given there:

5. If virtualization is not enabled, you can enable it by following the steps in this link

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