How to use the all new Google Font?

Hey there! I am back with my new post!

If you are a web designer, font designer or any other designer, most probable chances are that, while going to some of the google sites, you would have come across the new Google font, i.e., Google Sans(preview on the right side!).

First of all, I will tell you that the Google Sans font is not available under open source license, i.e., you cannot use it for your personal use.
I am creating this post just for reference. But please don't use this font for any commercial use.
This is strictly prohibited!!

Now, to use the new Google font, follow me(this tutorial is for windows users!):

1. Download the Google file
The first thing is, download this Google file.

2. Open the folder, you will see a list of 6 fonts files(.ttf).
After opening the .zip file, double click on the Google Sans Regular file. This is the main font used by google!

3. Now you can install the font and use it!

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