Happy New Year 2019!

Hello There!!!

This post is to say a big Happy NEW YEAR 2019!!! to all of you!

There had been a long time I posted something on this blog! Is'nt it?

I had been busy with my studies(I am in class 8th XD 😎). So I couldn't post anything!

But I swear this year 2019 is gonna be a big bonanza for you programmers!

My new posts will be great for you!

Here are some highlights:
  • New Programming techniques will be taught!
  • More stress on quality of code, not quantity!
  • Some HTML programming along with Android!
  • And much more to explore!

Hope so this year may be a great success for all of you!

Looking forward for a new innovation in 2019!
Happy Coding!

Gourav Khunger,
G App'S
E-mail: support@gapp-szoneofcode.com


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